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Tackle that To-Do List

If you’re like most people, you have a long list of projects

that need to be completed as well as a job, a family, friends,

and a life to manage. What is the most effective way to

manage your to-do list? A few questions will help shed

light on what needs to get done and when:

Will the project add value to your home?

  • There are many proven home improvement

projects that are known to increase the value of

your home. See “Exterior Home Renovations that

Increase Home Value”.


What will it cost if I don’t complete the project?

  • Are your windows inefficient - increasing your

heating and air conditioning costs?


  • Is your siding insulated properly?

  • Is there water infiltration between the cracks of the

siding or shingles?


  • Are there any leaks in your roof causing rot and

mold issues?

  • Is your roof vented correctly?

  • Is your basement damp or do you see any visible


  • Will your insurance company pay a claim if there is

an incident?

  • If your roof is past its intended life span and

not maintained – insurance may not pay.

What’s the risk if I don’t complete the project?

  • Is there anything dangerous on your property that

could hurt someone?

  • Is your walkway uneven causing a tripping


  • Are your stoops steps secure?

  • Is your driveway cracking?


Will completing the project give you joy?

  • When finally seeing your completed project, will

you feel pride in your choices?


Will the project provide you with the ability to enjoy

your home that was not possible before?

  • Can you create additional spaces in your home

that can be utilized for entertaining, relaxing,

working, etc.

  • Adding a patio will increase your ability to

enjoy your backyard.

  • An outdoor kitchen and bar is great for



Can you complete the project by yourself?


  • Do you have the knowledge and skill to complete

the project by yourself?

  • Do you have the correct tools for the job?

  • Do you have enough time to complete the job?


Do you have the financial resources required to

complete the job?

  • There are numerous financing options that are

available to homeowners if you decide not to use

available assets or you don’t have the required

funding at the time of purchase.


Are you talking to the right people required to take


  • If you decide that professionals are required to

complete your project, are you satisfied that the

contractor is capable of completing your project to

your satisfaction?

  • Does the contractor have the proper license to

complete the project?

  • Does the contractor have the proper insurance?

This is extremely important – ask your

contractor if they hold General Liability

Insurance with Labor Law Provisions.




Ask your contractor if they hold Workers

Compensation Insurance.



Make sure you receive insurance certificates

naming you as additionally insured.


Prioritize projects that;

  • You will enjoy while living in your home and increases

your comfort level

  • Decreases your stress level worrying about your home

  • Enhances the value of your home and creates a

positive return on your investment

  • Provides the basic living elements


  • A roof the doesn’t leak or is past it’s intended life

  • Windows that are efficient and keeps the cold out

  • A walkway that isn’t a tripping hazard

  • A basement that doesn’t leak

  • A driveway that is functional

  • A Basement egress to ensure your family’s safety

  • A safe deck

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