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Storm & Property Damage Repair by Urban Village Contracting:

Assessing and Resolving the Aftermath of a Storm

Living in Port Jefferson or any coastal region, you've likely encountered the force of nature at its strongest – a fierce storm. These cataclysmic events leave a trail of destruction, ranging from minor property damage to significant erosion issues, particularly near the waterfront. Urban Village Contracting has been at the forefront of restoring the landscape and structures post-storm. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the intricate process of assessing and repairing storm damage in Port Jefferson, Port Jeff Station, Setauket, Stony Brook, Lake Grove, Mount Sinai, Head Of The Harbor, St. James and the surrounding areas, ensuring that your property not only recovers but is fortified against future tempests.

Storm Damage: The Initial Assessment

The first step after a storm is to conduct a thorough assessment of your property. It's a moment where clarity and calm planning are vital. Document all visible damage, including any fallen trees, structural problems, water infiltration, and power lines that seem compromised. Remember to take photos or videos as proof for insurance claims.

Safety First:

  • Always prioritize personal safety, especially when dealing with electrical hazards or unstable structures.

  • Be cautious of standing water, which could be contaminated or concealing hazards.

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Securing Your Property

Quick action is required, as storm-damaged properties are often more susceptible to further damage. Start by securing the perimeter to prevent unauthorized access and protect valuables. This could include boarding up windows, covering damaged roof areas, and securing doors.

Assessment Checklist:

  • Secure any downed power lines and cut off utilities if necessary.

  • Evaluate the stability of damaged structures.

  • Remove debris that poses an immediate threat or impedes access to your property.

Documentation for Insurance Claims

Your insurance claim will be supported by accurate documentation of the damage. Include all necessary details such as date and time, the cause of damage (wind, flood, etc.), and specifics about the affected areas or items. Remember, every detail counts towards your claim's strength, so thoroughness is key.

Coordinating With Professionals

Engage a reputable company like Urban Village Contracting to guide you through the restoration process. We will help manage the necessary permits, initiate repairs, and provide documentation that your insurance company may require. Timely and professional assistance is crucial in this phase.

Repairing Property Damage

The repair process will vary greatly depending on the severity and type of damage incurred. Urban Village Contracting has vast experience in handling various types of restoration, and we can break down the complex process into manageable steps. If you have property damage in Port Jefferson, Port Jeff Station, Setauket, Stony Brook, Lake Grove, Mount Sinai, Head Of The Harbor, St. James and the surrounding areas please contact us!

Addressing Structural Damage

Structural damage can weaken the integrity of your home. From assessment to repair and reinforcement, Urban Village Contracting will ensure that every structure is thoroughly inspected.

Structural Repair Process:

  • Immediate temporary repairs to prevent further damage.

  • Professional assessment and design of necessary repairs.

  • Reconstruction with high-quality materials and workmanship.

Water Mitigation and Drying

Water infiltration can lead to mold and further damage if not addressed promptly. Our team will inspect for hidden moisture and employ drying strategies to prevent long-term issues.

Water Mitigation Plan:

  • Identifying all affected areas, even those not immediately visible.

  • Employing professional-grade drying equipment to remove moisture.

  • Monitoring for any signs of secondary damage, like mold growth.

Restoring Landscaping

Your property's aesthetic and functional appeal hinges on a well-maintained landscape. From replanting to erosion control measures, our services encompass the full spectrum of landscaping needs.

Replanting and Erosion Control Tips:

  • Replanting ornamental trees or shrubs that have fallen.

  • Assessing and implementing strategies to prevent soil erosion, such as retaining walls or additional vegetation.

Erosion Control Along the Waterfront

The pristine beauty of waterfront properties is vulnerable to erosion during storms. Urban Village Contracting specializes in creating sustainable erosion control measures that blend with the natural landscape.

Key Erosion Control Tactics:

  • Identifying the cause of erosion (wave action, storm surge, or water flow).

  • Implementing natural solutions that enhance, rather than detract from, your waterfront view.

  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure effectiveness.

Fortifying Against Future Storms

Storm preparation is just as critical as damage repair. It’s essential to fortify your property against future storms to minimize potential destruction.

Structural Reinforcement

Fortify your home with structural enhancements such as hurricane straps, reinforced windows, and roof sealants. These enhancements are not only beneficial for safety but can also lead to insurance premium reductions.

Landscape Planning for Resilience

Plan your landscape to absorb and redirect water, reducing erosion and property damage. A resilient landscape design includes natural run-off pathways, strategic plantings, and permeable hardscapes.


Navigating the aftermath of a storm is a daunting experience, but with the right guidance, your property can emerge stronger and more resilient. Urban Village Contracting stands ready to assist you with every step, from the immediate post-storm response to long-term fortification. In the face of adversity, remember that restoration can be a tool not just for renewal, but for growth and improvement.

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